365 Days in Aspen

The Road Less Traveled

Claude_Monet._Haystack._End_of_the_Summer._Morning._1891._Oil_on_canvas._Louvre,_Paris,_FranceJune 24, 2016

I suppose Robert Frost would agree that I am taking The Road Less Traveled. Leaving friends and securities and opportunities behind to go halfway across the country on a new adventure.

Yesterday was my first day of driving and I observed the country that I live in via the interstates that I drove. I guess I could have taking a cue from John Steinbeck in his book Travels With Charley, which I read ages ago, and experienced a much more intimate view of this country. Maybe another time. This time I have a destination in mind and I want to get there as soon as I can.

As I traveled on my route I saw a variety of scenery and landscape.  I saw roads I knew well, and I saw highways that I hadn't taken and many many many years. I went through the mountains of Tennessee and The Plains of the Midwest. As I drove past haystacks it made me think of Monet and his famous paintings. It made me wonder why he chose that subject as something to paint. Yes, I could probably Google and try to find out the answer, but this is one of those questions that's more interesting when it's asked and pondered than when it's researched. Did he like the shape? Did he like the normalcy? Did he want to make something ordinary into something beautiful? Or did he like that they seem abnormal, these cylindrical shapes on a flat, mown field? Or were they symbolism for a man's hard work?

I suspect he might not have even been able to answer the question.  The motivation probably came from within. or, more likely, from an external, more mystical source.  Because that's really where all art comes from. Our connection with the Divine.

And I suppose that's also the source that's propelling me on my journey.

So, as I take The Road Less Traveled, and embark on my adventure, I hope whoever reads this will find their own spark inside – and outside – themselves to explore.  To love. To create. To connect.

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