365 Days in Aspen

Explorers Untie!

explorerexplorer2Yes, the typo is a pun. Explorers are less likely to "unite" than they are to "untie." To let go than to band together.

Isn't that what being an explorer is all about? Releasing the bonds of expectations?

Are you an explorer?  

Many years ago I was talking to someone I'd just met, explaining my view of how the world works, and his response stayed with me to this day. He said, "Brownell, you're an explorer. You'll always be an explorer." 

What he meant was that I'd always be searching. That I'd never be fully satisfied with one answer. 

How he was. 

Every experience of life opens up the opportunity for another lesson, another chance to grow, another world to explore. 

To be a true explorer, you need to be ready to get lost. To find the answers, you need to be open to asking questions. 






Mind stretched2









This song by Mary Chapin Carpenter is one of my favorites. 

And this one – by another favorite artist – was at one time an anthem of mine – a cautionary tale not to miss out on life. 

And another Mary Chapin Carpenter song – with deep, thought-provoking lyrics:

And since I'm on a Mary Chapin Carpenter kick today… 


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