365 Days in Aspen


upstairs groupWhenever I see a brilliant display of creativity in nature, I declare, "Someone must be having fun upstairs!" It's like there are artists and engineers and designers "upstairs" who are creating so many extraordinary gifts to share with us on Earth. Case in point: Look at the variety of wildflowers I see on a regular basis here in Aspen. Of course, there are signs of nature everywhere, and I would encourage whoever is reading this to go outside and find these specimens. It's just that here there's so much "unspoiled" nature. Wildflowers that pop up on their own without any human assistance whatsoever. 

The way I envision "upstairs" is that we all have different "jobs" to do. Some of us are artists playing with the canvas of the sky, swirling the clouds and colors to create magnificent sunsets. Some serve as guides to people on Earth. Some are designing wildflowers. 

When someone is pondering their "life purpose," I wonder if how might be related to their "other life" purpose. 

What do you think?