365 Days in Aspen

I Heart Aspen

peter max heartI went to the doctor yesterday and saw this classic Peter Max artwork in his office. We talked about my options for fixing my (literal) "broken heart." 

Ironically, my heart will (figuratively) break if it can't be fixed and I'm not able to stay here. crying 

I've often said that "hell is wanting something you'll never get." So to live here in the land of physicality, of challenging endurance and tackling mountains, and not be able to participate lends to a kind of existential crisis.

Who am I? Why am I here? 

It could be a temporary setback. My cardiologist could be instantly successful with a hit of electrical voltage. I could walk out of the procedure and "good as new" in 2 weeks. 

Or I could be like a diabetic working in a bakery. An alcoholic tending bar.  




In the meantime, let's sing a tribute to the "heart." Beautiful song: 

Dave Grusin's "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter."