365 Days in Aspen

Celestine Prophecy

celestine-prohecychange-your-lifeChange your habits, change your life. Or  so the saying goes. 

There certainly is some truth to it. I've written about change a few times in this blog. About how "God" or the "universe" or "force" likes change. It gives him/her/it an opportunity to work magic in your life. It's like we were immobile statues before, but as soon as we grow legs, it's easier to move us in our optimal direction for learning and growth.

One big change is that I'm not reading as much as I used to, because before when I worked out I would read, but since hiking/walking is not conducive to reading, it's a habit I've dropped – that I miss. So I've shifted to e-books. Last week I listened to Eben Alexander's book about his Near Death Experience. This week I'm re-reading (listening) to James Redfield's classic "The Celestine Prophecy." 

third-insightIn the Third Insight, Redfield "describes a new understanding of the physical world. It says we humans will learn to perceive
what was formerly an invisible type of energy." He suggests that the best place to do this is in nature, especially in mountains and forests. 

Like Aspen. 

treeinlight2This reminder of Redfield's brilliant work explains how "in love" I am with this place. Just like a new relationship, I notice every beautiful aspect. Like the way the light reflects on this tree right outside my front window. Or the vivid colors of the wildflowers. The wind through the aspens. 

As Redfield might explain, it's not just the energy of this place. It's the energy flow between my soul and the nature I connect with on a daily basis. Like any truly symbiotic relationship, it's an exchange of energy that elevates us both. 

The following song is one of my favorites. Listen to the lyrics. Is there a bird that nests inside you?  If so… change, change, change.