365 Days in Aspen


busy-personOne of the greatest compliments I've ever gotten was when someone told me, "Brownell, you're the busiest person I know, yet also the most accessible."  

I loved that. Just as I love the quote for this post. I didn't know it was from Lucille Ball until I looked it up. That makes me love it even more. She was so much more than a talented comedienne and icon. She was a brilliant, driven businesswoman. 

As I look back on the 130+ days I've been here, I reflect on my accomplishments and progress. Have I achieved as much as I would have wanted to? What got in my way? What do I wish I had done by now? What do I want to do in the next 130 days?

While I'm not a "beat myself up" person, nor am I a "checklist" person, I do like to get things done. It's one of the things I love about my single lifestyle. Very few disruptions from things/people out of my control. So, as I look back, here's a quick top-of-mind list: Write a blog (almost) every day; Exercise (hike or walk) at least 6 days a week except during or just after the hospital trips; Start and work on a new book to come out in the next few weeks (more on that later); Meet quite a few new people; Trip to Taos and Santa Fe; Diligently fight evil on Facebook; Manage a great group on Facebook; Attend Aspen Film Festival; Write song lyrics; Co-Found the Aspen Screenwriters and Playwrights group. I'm sure there are other highlights to mention as well (like moving to a new city). 

Not bad, actually. And yet this past week has been that much more productive. Check in with me in 130 more days. wink

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