365 Days in Aspen

Stand By Me


faith-hill-stand-by-meI listen to music as I write and work, and I especially love discovering new music and albums. Two favorites are Sting's new album 57th and 9th and Faith Hill's album, Deep Tracks

There are several deep, inspirational themes in her new album. And anyone who knows me knows I like it DEEP.  wink

The lyrics in song "Somebody Stand by Me" really stood out to me. 

One thing about moving is that you get the opportunity to see yourself differently.  Ultimately everyone wants someone to believe in them. To stand by them.  Sometimes we just assume this.  And other times we just accept whatever support we can get – which often isn't enough.  

In Faith's song she suggests, "This girl's gonna have her day."  

It's quiet here tonight
There's a light burnin' far away
It burns in my heart
In the rain, in the dark
Well, this girl's gonna have her day