365 Days in Aspen


blissYou hear the expression, "Follow Your Bliss" all the time.  For some, it's a mantra. For others, it's a fanciful dream.  

What does it mean to you? How do you feel when you hear those words? What is "bliss," anyway? 

Last night I went to my first meeting of the Aspen Writer's Network. The leader asked the participants to share their best writing advice. What struck me was how many of them didn't seem to consider their dreams as being blissful. So many lamented the struggles of writing, the "crappy first drafts," etc. 

Was it because they were uncomfortable proclaiming that writing was their bliss? Or was it that they really didn't enjoy the thing they seemed to want the most, which was to finish/sell their book? 

What does it say about me that I do consider writing to be blissful? That I crave the rush that comes with an inspired thought, a well-crafted sentence? 

I'm not saying every minute is enjoyable. Editing (to me) sucks. So does that dreaded waiting game to see if you can get a publisher interested, or the fear that no one will enjoy what you write (which, to me, is the worst, because it's a validation I need to get back into the bliss!)  

I had some really dark days this week. Those days when you question your existence. But today I dipped my toe back into the bliss. (I'll deal with the hell of rejection later).  

Bliss is elusive. It's precious. So grab it while you can.