365 Days in Aspen

Back to Georgia

moon-in-the-clouds-2I went back to Georgia on Wednesday for a doctor's appointment. It was a surrealy experience, to say the least. While I was flying there, I looked out the window seat of the plane and saw something truly spectactular. This picture, while beautiful in its own right, doesnt do it justice. The moon was perched halfway between the sky and the clouds. (Yes, that's the moon). 

This "halfway" moon offers symbolizm on a number of levels. My year in Aspen is nearly halfway complete, and I was traveling between the halfway point between my past/old life (in Atlanta) and my new life in Aspen.  

Time is an interesting marker. It moves forward at fluctuating rates, sometimes taking forever (as when you're flying on a plane and anxious to get your connection to another location) and sometimes moving by so rapidly you feel like you just blinked and months passed.  

If you're ever considering writing a blog (or perhaps just a daily journal), you'll see how it provides a chronicle of time. A way of reflecting on those "halfway points" to look forward and backward.