365 Days in Aspen

Hi Neighbor!

hi-neighborreason-season-lifetime-500One of my favorite subjects to discuss is how people get connected to one another. I call the force behind it the "traffic angels." Otherworldly beings whose "job" it is to bring people together for a lesson or a purpose. Sometimes it's people of similar vibrations (soul levels) who gravitate together like invisible magnets. And sometimes it might be for a common cause or learning experience. One might be the teacher and the other the student, or they could both be learning along the way. 

The old "reason, season or a lifetime" quote. 

reason-meetOf course I believe everything happens for a reason. I literally "wrote the book" on things happening for a reason. 

Sometimes the reasons are lasting and deep. Sometimes they're just for our fun and enjoyment. Either way, it's a gift. 

There are a lot of people in my life – in person and virtual – who have provided infinite experiences of joy and growth. One of the newest is my new neighbor, confidante and ski-buddy. A like-minded soul who inspires me. And we all know what "inspiration" is, right? "To be infused with Spirit."

What a gift, in deed. Just in time for Christmas.