365 Days in Aspen

Starting Over


change-is-inevitable-vendingAs the New Year creeps up on us, it's always a good message about one of my favorite topics: reinventing yourself. 

Change is a paradox. We crave it, but we also avoid it. Yet either way, change (like something else) happens with or without out consent. 

We want more money, but we don't want to pay more taxes. We want more love, but many of us aren't willing to give more. We want to achieve our dreams, but we're afraid to take the first step.  

What will you do in 2017 to reinvent yourself?  

While I was looking for a video clip from the movie "Starting Over" (one of my favorites), I stumbled on this video.  (Or was I guided to it? Hmmm).  Either way – Enjoy.