365 Days in Aspen

Ups and Downs

Abraham hicks scaleI've written a few posts about fluctuating emotions. It happens to everyone; we all have our good days and bad days. Making – or having – a big change in your life invites more highs – and lows.

I've read several research studies that assert that no matter what external events occur in our lives, our internal personalities revert to what they were before after six months. Win the lottery, suffer a loss, get a new job, or even become ill, and experts say if you were unhappy before, you'd go back to being unhappy in time, just as if you were happy before, no matter the tragedy, you'd be happy again.  

I'm not sure I agree. At least not completely. It would depend, I think, on how conscious you were (are) during these changes. And, I suggest, how much control you have over the situations. Not only control over what happens, but also control over how you respond. 

The chart on this page is from the Abraham-Hicks "Emotional Guidance Scale." It's similar to a few other scales of energy/emotion, including David Hawkins' "Power vs. Force" scale. The message in each is do define and demonstrate the levels of emotions we can go through, so we can identify them when they happen. 

As the country – and planet – faces dramatic and potentially devastating change, many of us vacillate between Hopelessness (the bottom of the scale) and Anger, Blame and Worry.

Personally, I believe that Anger is a more empowered emotion than Blame, by the way. At least there's more energy behind it, and we can rally that energy to create change. 

I don't have the answers in this post. I just wanted to help the readers identify what many of us are going through. And, as they say, awareness is the first step. 

In the meantime, my advice is to do whatever you can that gives you joy. 

Love and light vibes 2