365 Days in Aspen


pridepride 2Pride is a tricky concept. It's one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and based on this definition, I would agree. An over-inflated sense of self-importance is the hallmark of a narcissist. A sense of superiority. Ugh.

But then, when you do a search for synonyms, the original word – or at least the concept – isn't so off-putting. Delight, Happiness, Honor, Joy, Self-love, Sufficiency are all beautiful things. 

And what does it mean to be proud of your heritage? 

I suspect my great-great-great-great-great grandfather will be in the news more in the upcoming months. (Let's hope it won't take years, but that's another discussion). And, yes, I'm proud of him. Of having some fragment of his blood flowing through my veins. Does that make me superior? Of course not. Does that make me have an over-inflated sense of self importance? Not that, either. Though I do realize that some people will take it that way. 

You know what? That's their problem. I'm proud of being related to Grandpa George…

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