365 Days in Aspen

Coming Up For Air

Deeper cover in 3d - CloApologies for being absent for the past – what has it been – 10 days? 

I've prided myself on both my diligence and my ability to draw insight for this blog (almost) every day for over six months, and now I broke that promise to myself. 

And, more importantly, to you, my dear readers. 

So why did I do it? (Or, more accurately, not do it)?

I wish I could say I'd met some foreign prince who whisked me off to a magical world (without internet) filled with all my greatest fantasies, and was dying to share all the sexy details with you. But, alas, I've just been busy. 

I do have a reason – and I hope it resonates as a valid excuse. I've been working sequential 12-14 hour days for many many days in a row to launch my new (collaborative) book, Fifty Shades Deeper. Getting the book edited and the cover designed, etc. in time for the movie coming out next week was laborious, to say the least. But it's out and I feel very proud!