365 Days in Aspen

So Many Hours, So Little Time

You-are-responsible-for-the-energy-you-bring-into-a-spaceI owe you, dear reader, another apology. Again, I've broken my promise to myself and to you. I'm not sure if my reasons are valied or just excuses. 

Time is energy. Life is energy. One of the most difficult things to master is how to manage that energy. 

While it's true there are only so many hours in a day, not all hours are created equal. Some are for sleep. Some for communing with friends or spending with people and relationships. Some for mindless but productive work like cleaning the house or doing research. And some, those precious few, are for creative endeavors. 

Like writing a blog. 

It takes a special kind of energy to write a blog every day. For me, if it's not done "when the iron's hot" (so to speak), then it's not likely to happen. Sure, I can write, but it becomes meaningless dribble. 

The last 2+ weeks have been bereft of creativity, and while it requires a special energy, it's also an energy that feeds me. Keeps me going, breathing, alive. 

What fuels you?  

I hope it's reading this blog. If not, I forgive you. wink