365 Days in Aspen

Gone Skiing

gone skiing














I went skiing yesterday and today for the first time in almost 3 weeks. So I'm not going to write much. Look for more on Archetypes tomorrow.  

Why so long between skiing trips, you might ask? A combination of reasons. One is that I'm spoiled living here and only feel compelled to go when the weather and conditions are ideal. Another is that it does take up more time, and forces me to leave earlier in the day than I would have to do if I was hiking (and I love hiking). And a third reason is that I have been busy. I took a class two weeks ago (still need to write about that). And I've been working on launching my book and writing a new one. And I guess laziness and self-indulgence figures into it, too… 

Tune in tomorrow for more on Archetypes and Purpose!