365 Days in Aspen

Dream a Little Dream

swdreamI've been into dream analysis for most of my life. My dreams often provide insights into my subconscious – and sometimes even offer prophesies for things to come. 

The other night I had a dream with a symbol I've seen several times before. I'd always dismissed the message, but this time it stuck with me, forcing me to see things differently.  

The dream symbol was a book. Okay, I admit – not that big of a deal for a writer, right? Before I tell you what my Dream Analysis book says, what would you think the symbol of a book would foretell?  

The truth is, often a symbol denotes something very different from what you'd expect. 

Here's what my go-to book on dream analysis says: 

You can anticipate slow but steady progress
and a calm, pleasant life ahead
if books were the main feature of your dream.


When I read this prophecy before, it seemed boring. And certainly not exciting! Who wants slow but steady progress? I want it all and I want it NOW! And even though a calm, pleasant life sounds, well, nice, it also sounds uneventful. 

Or is that just me?

I'm reminded of the "Tortoise and the Hare" fairy tale. And then I look at my life. Not sure if I've had that much "progress." Would I have had more if it had been "slow and steady?" I have to admit; yes. 

It's just that darned word "slow." Still, there's a lesson in it for me.

Now to the next part. "A calm, pleasant life." I kind of have that now. Yes, I'd like more "progress." Yet one thing I've been contemplating – a lot – are the perils that go along with "exciting."

Then I asked myself: Could I achieve my goals if I had a "calm, pleasant life with slow but steady progress?" 

Why not? What if I was able to achieve my dream of getting my script made into a film/TV show? Slow but steady progress would mean that yes, the script gets optioned; yes, the funding is raised; yes, the director and actors signed; yes, the movie/show made. Sounds good to me!  

How about the "calm, pleasant" part? Also, why not? What's so wrong with calm? And pleasant? What if it all came together with no drama, but instead with ease?

Oh, what a fool I've been…

(Now let's see what happens). 

Here's the "fractured" version… wink

A favorite lullaby of mine…