365 Days in Aspen

Is This Love?

love marleyYou know those first stages of infatuation?  When there's a special light shining on your beloved?  When even their flaws entice you?  When you want to spend every moment together?  When you can't imagine living without them?  Or your life before them? 

I think I'm in love.  As Bob Marley says "I wanna love you, and treat you right. I wanna love you every day and every night."  

No, I'm not talking about meeting a romantic partner.  I'm talking about the feelings I'm developing for my newly adopted home.  

Yesterday I met a new friend that further sparked my developing lovestory for Aspen.  She's lived here either full or part time over 30 years, and was a wealth of information about the nature of this place filled with so much… nature.  To hear how passionate the residents are with volunteering (10x other places she knows), how the community celebrates the upcoming Independence Day and the offerings for those of us who might not have the same financial resources as other residents, truly fanned the flames of the passion I was already quickly developing.  

marleyrainYesterday was the first day it rained since I've been here.  Even something that can often be depressing (or at least relegating you to indoor activities) felt like a call to go outside and… feel.  

Whoever you are, wherever you live, I hope you're able to fall back in love with your surroundings.  

Sending much love,

– Brownell