365 Days in Aspen

I Remember It Well…

Brownell and BeckyLike the classic song from the movie "Gigi," reflecting back on my first time in Aspen, my memories might be a bit jumbled, but still, "I Remember It Well."  (Video below.)

This is a picture taken during my first visit to Aspen/Snowmass. (I'm on the right). It was in April, 1987. I had skied a few times before. That is, if you can call skiing in Georgia, Tennessee or Kentucky real "skiing." But at least I wasn't relegated to only green slopes when I got here. 

Why did I choose Aspen as my first trip out west? A few reasons, I guess. A few years before I had dated a guy who'd been a ski instructor in Aspen, and his stories had captivated me. Also, I had a timeshare week where I could put in some options and then take whatever came available. Snowmass in April was perfect. 

The things I remember most were someone playing Bob Marley music on an outside deck (which I heard here the other day, too; Marley is timeless), how much fun (and warm!) spring skiing was, and, of course the majestic beauty of the place. 

It made an impression for sure. So much that I made several other trips out here, too, in both the winter and the summer. Which do I like better? Kind of a "Sophie's Choice" kind of decision. Don't make me choose. I love both hiking and skiing. And let me live through the rest of this year to let you know what I think of fall and spring, too. 


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