365 Days in Aspen

Park after Park after Park

2016-07-14 16.11.552016-07-14 16.30.15One of the most spectacular (and slightly surprising) aspects of Aspen is the number of parks. They're everywhere! And I'm not just talking about the national parks and the trails surrounding the city. Within the city itself there are so many parks and trails you can't go more than a couple of blocks without seeing one. 

What's most remarkable is the fact that Aspen is reported to be among the most expensive real estate in the U.S. (if not the world.) In so many other communities, there would be a disconnect. They'd find a way to sell and develop every square inch. Not here. 

Is this a coincidence? The relationship of parks per square foot and the price of real estate? I don't know – but I hope so, because it makes sense. It's kind of like saying the more selective you are in your relationships, the more valuable they are. Yet so many people (and developers) miss this point. 

I did a bit of quick online research and saw this article. I'd love to see how Aspen would fit on this scale:

Wherever you live, I hope you treasure your local parks. They might not all have views like this, but I'll bet they have their own beauty, too. 




What other song could I post than Big Yellow Taxi?  Here's both the Counting Crows (a favorite band of mine) cover and the original by Joni Mitchell: