365 Days in Aspen



.facebook_1468116084143Wildflowers. Isn't it incredible how nature finds a way? I love this post about plants growing through concrete.  Wildflowers seem to have a way to "push through."  And the variety of colors, sizes and shapes always blows me away.  





Check out the "sacred geometry" of this "weed."  Seriously, isn't it beautiful? And you have to honor its purpose, how it breaks apart in the wind to spread its beauty. 


When I see nature in this kind of form, my first impression is, "Someone must have been having fun upstairs." I think this variety of beauty (including the incredible diversity in plant and fish life undersea) is the result of the very "nature of creation" and a definitive sign of what Napoleon Hill called the "Source of Infinite Intelligence."  (I'll write more on a future post about my vision of how I think these things are created). 

In the meantime, I'll share one of my favorite albums of Sheryl Crow.  It's also one of the less celebrated. Is called "Wildflower." Sheryl_Crow-Wildflower























As Sheryl says in this song, "Live it up, like there's no time left."  

Here's a duet with Sting of a song from the album – Always On Your Side – a favorite of mine.