365 Days in Aspen

You Deserve a Break Today

taking timeWhy does "taking a break" so often make us feel guilty? Why can't we indulge ourselves in laziness once in a while?

It was a beautiful day the other day. A day beckoning to go out and explore the beautiful environment all around me. Yet I played hookey. I stayed home and once I got finished with some writing and basic tasks, I deliberately and deliciously "took the day off." No exercise. No more writing. No accomplishments. Just lazed around. 

It was great.

Okay, I had a twinge of guilt. But I tried to push that aside and immerse myself in sloth instead. 

I have a theory that often our bodies get "sick" in order to force us to take a break. Our bodies are tired of being pushed around day after day that they have to do something to get our attention! Here are two "cases in point."

One is that I have what I think is a sure-fire cure for the common cold. Works consistently. Very simple: Apple Cider Vinegar. Just about 1/4 cup in a cup of water when you first feel a cold coming on. No, I don't like the taste, but I still do it because I don't want to get sick. 

Still, when I recommend it to others, almost everyone declines to try it. Isn't that crazy? It's inexpensive, readily available and IT WORKS. But they won't try it! The only reason I can think of is that their "body" (which is also their subconscious) wants the rest. The time off from work and responsibilities. And in some cases the nurturing and support they get from others. 

Wasted-TimeSo why not take the break anyway and feel good doing it? 

Here's my other "case in point." Years ago, a friend of mine was planning to work over a holiday weekend. Her body had another idea. "She" (her body) did not want to work. So what happened? She tripped over a curb, twisted her ankle and was forced to rest all weekend. 

So that's what happens when you don't take a break. Your body will take one for you. 

What happens when you do take a break? You start the next day with renewed energy. More drive. More cooperation.

My body was so appreciative of the time off "she" and I did an extra-long hike the next day. Full of vigor and a spring in "our" step.