365 Days in Aspen

Ice Ice Baby

ice caveice cave2I didn't mean to upset anyone or be insensitive. I promise. I just wanted to share. I knew the rest of the country was in a dangerous heat wave, and I wanted to cool them off a little. Like people who share pictures of a warm beach when it's cold outside, right?

The other day I posted these pictures of the Ice Caves in the Grottos near Aspen on my Facebook page – while the rest of the country was struggling with record heat. I didn't post it to rub it in. Just to show that there are places to cool off. 

Okay, I guess I also wanted to also express my amazement in the pleasurable sights and weather in my new locale. Is that so wrong? If so, I'm sorry. (Though I don't think it's that different from anyone posting their travels or food or relationships, do you?) 

I will confess that I was a bit "haunted" wandering around these rocks and crevasses. I kept thinking about the movie (and real-life story) "127 hours" where Aron Ralston (played by James Franco) fell down into a deep cave and was trapped by a boulder. 

I guess that's one of the truths about getting older. You have more experience that tells you there are more things to fear than you might have imagined. 


Because you were singing it anyway…

And, well, it should be obvious… *wink*