365 Days in Aspen


life isA big part of life is learning how to adjust to the circumstances thrown at you that you didn't expect. The recipe to do this is one part fluidity, one part detachment and one part perspective. 

In addition to adjusting to my new challenges in physicality, I also had a setback yesterday with someone who was supposed to help me with my latest screenplay. Yes, I'm glad I found out who he really was before it went too far, and yes, I had to let go of someone who was toxic to me (even so far as to threaten my shaky health situation). But still, it requires a change in the direction of a future I'd hoped for, which is never fun. 

As an expert in personality types, I understand that my "type" is a Look-Forward personality. I focus on the future, on plans, on goals, on where I'm going. It's what fuels me; what keeps me going. And when there's a disruption in that path, it requires an adjustment. And this adjustment is usually preceded by a bit of depression resulting from the loss of the future I expected. 

Will the "shock" procedure work for me so that I can stay? Or will I have to move? If so, where will I go? (No idea!) Will I find another (more trustworthy) source to help me with my screenplay? If so, will it ever get picked up (optioned)? Produced? Successful?

So many questions… 

In the meantime, all I can do is take one step at a time. Slowly. I guess that's a lesson in itself. 

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