365 Days in Aspen


vulnerabilityappreciateAs I write this blog, I try to focus on the positive, to look for the things to appreciate, the reasons to be happy. I do this for several reasons.

First, I'm in the "honeymoon phase" in my relationship to my new surroundings. Everything is new and fresh and beautiful. A phrase I use in my novels called "Disney chemicals" – the urge to throw your arms out wide and sing on a mountaintop about butterflies and rainbows.  Another reason I focus on the positive is that I do believe that the things you appreciate will replicate. (A quote from one of my books). 




amazingYet I also believe in being "real" through honesty, transparency and even showing your vulnerability. And that includes admitting the ups and downs of my life. The quote to the left sums it up perfectly.

The other day I responded to a statement on social media that suggested that "postive people are the most successful." I said that while being an optimist helps, in order to be an innovator you actually have to become adept on what's missing. Creative people don't see the glass as full – they see an empty glass they can fill themselves! Inventors see what's missing and get ideas to make improvements. 

So while it's healthy to focus on the good things in life, it's also beneficial to have those "down" moments that prompt us to improve, to grow, to change. 

And, yes, to be vulnerable.




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