365 Days in Aspen

It’s a Dog’s Life

2016-08-27 12.04.31dog2While this picture isn't one I took here in Aspen, it certainly demonstrates something truly remarkable about living here: the love and acceptance of dogs. It truly is a dog's life. 

I googled the phrase and found that it "initiated in the 16th century when dogs would guard homes and small communities, were fed scraps, slept outside and had short lives. so it meant life wasn't good." 

Oh. Well, as we all know, today it suggests a human's envy for the life a beloved dog enjoys. I know of nowhere that it's more true than Aspen. The first time I went to the bank I was floored when I saw the dog biscuits by the teller window. The INDOOR teller window! 

All over town there are places for dogs, from watering holes to shady spots near restaurants. It seems everyone has a dog, with as much variety as the people here: from rescues to pure-breds, large "mountain" dogs to petite lap dogs. 

The biggest surprise was when I went to the doctor's office the other day – the office inside the hospital – and saw that an additional sign that dogs were welcome here. Oh, and the "wall of fame" for the volunteer dogs that helped with patient care allong the hallway. 

I'm not currently blessed with an animal, but I do love them. And this pet-friendly environment makes me love it here even more. 

As a tribute to dogs, here are some songs artists have written about their dogs: 

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