365 Days in Aspen


dots jobsA lovely – and loving – friend posted this quote on Facebook today. As the author of my book, Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen, I literally "wrote the book" on things happening for a reason. Today's post relates to the power of having this belief.

I'm fully aware that some people think we live in a random universe. That nothing happens "for a reason." That the only power we carry is in how we react to the things that happen to us. 

I'm not sure about you, but this doesn't work for me. What would be the point in a random universe? Wouldn't that mean that there is no God? Or certainly a powerless, if not indifferent one? 

I delve into this question in the preface of my Reasons Why book. (To read, click here.) 

So – how does all this relate to my 365 Days in Aspen? Well it certainly helps me as I deal with the health issues I'm facing in my new home. While it's not fun to face these physical challenges, nor is it a picnic to consider that I might have to move from the place I'm falling more in love with every day, I am able to consider the "bigger picture." 

Do I know the "reasons why" my body isn't cooperating with the altitude? Not yet. But I do know enough to "go with the flow" and see where the experience takes me. What I might learn. Who I might meet. 

Now – we sing and dance: