365 Days in Aspen

Drawing a Blank

Drawing a BlankIt's my goal to write this blog every day, (which I have, with the exception of my time in the hospital). 

Some days, the ideas flow effortlessly. I could write about a number of topics. And then there are other days it feels forced. Either I have so many things bouncing around like a pinball-machine in my brain, or I simply "draw a blank." 

As I wrote about in my post called "Free-Flowing," the right brain is the opening to creativity. Yet sometimes there are too many "left brain" things to do in a day, and trying to write or create from the left brain is an exercise in futility. Yes, you can write, but it comes out forced or fake. 

So today I'll just accept that this post will be what it is. And hope that perhaps my transparency also delivers a meaningful message.