365 Days in Aspen


PrecipitationAs a writer, I love words. Especially words that invite mulitple meanings. Double entendres, similies and metaphors get my mind swirling with possibilities. 

I've written about the rain in Aspen a few times. The breathtaking vision of the clouds on the mountains. How it feels like it's raining here, isolated from the rest of the world.

The weather is another aspect of this place that is so different from my experience anywhere else. I moved here from Atlanta, headquarters of the Weather Channel and where the weather was as predictable as s*** happening when Mercury is in retrograde. The weather in Aspen is far less dependable. Meterologists here appear to be partaking in the legalized marijuana, since I don't think they've been accurate one day I've been here. While it does seem to rain just about every day, the time of day is only accurately determined when the puddles are forming. 

So what does all this mean? What's the lesson? The message?  

Unpredictability for sure. Being prepared for anything. Being thankful, knowing that so many people in other cities would give anything for the rain or the clear, crisp air. Having the excited confidence that rain today will turn into snow in just a couple of months, blanketing the slopes for powdery skiing.  

And also thinking about the different definitions of "precipitation," including the sympolism of impetus. Movement. Haste. Change. 

This song, by Don Henley, demonstrates the desperate need for rain in some parts of the country, especially California:

And this song, one of my favorites, indicates the symbolism of rain in its ability to "wash away" our past and usher us into a new future.