365 Days in Aspen

A Part of the Plan

plans3My plans for today changed. I was scheduled to have the heart procedure that would determine whether I could stay here in Aspen, but the doctor suggested waiting a couple of weeks (due to my thryroid blood test results). 

What do you do when plans change? How do you handle disruptions you can't control? Do you just go with the flow? Or does it take a while for you to adjust? 

stencil-facebook-post-75When searching for quotes relevant to the topic of "Plans," you see a plethora of "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail" type messages. Motivational statements to get you to set a direction and focus toward achieving that goal. 

But not all goals and plans are in your control.

And that's a good thing. 

Yes, I'd like to have had this procedure behind me so I could know what I was going to do; whether I'd have to move or not. But I also trust my doctor – not to mention the "big guy (or girl) upstairs" to choose the best timing for the best outcome. Even if the "best outcome" isn't one I'd choose for myself. 



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