365 Days in Aspen


setback1perfect-quoteExpecting life to be perfect is like expecting people to be perfect. Either your expectations are too low or your perceptions are too high. 

"Why could having too high perceptions be bad, Brownell?" you might ask. You might also add, "Isn't that the way you see Aspen?"

"Good one," I'd reply. 

To quote one of my favorite groups, (Counting Crows) "You put your girl up on a pedestal, then you wait for her to fall." What I mean by this, is that when your perceptions are too high you're inevitably disappointed when reality creeps in. It's a form of delusion. 

As an entrepreneurial/creative type, so many people share motivational quotes with you that say things like "It's always darkest before the dawn" or "when things are at their worst, it's a sign you're ready for a breakthrough." 

But sometimes you need to know "when to fold 'em." When you need to focus your efforts in another direction. 

I'm not there – yet. But I am open to reconsidering options. And I think we all should stay alert to the choices we have.