365 Days in Aspen

Big Yellow Taxi

tree"They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

"Be careful what you ask for" is a common theme in my life. 

When I first moved in here, this tree annoyed me. It blocked my view of the beautiful mountain! How dare it!

2016-07-04 21.14.46You can even see in this picture I took on July 4 how the tree is in the way. It bummed me out!

But then as time moved on, I started noticing the way the light reflected off this tree. Something really special and magical. 

Yet yesterday morning I woke up to hear the sound of tree-cutters taking down this tree. And I felt responsible somehow. Like maybe my energy (prayer?) of lamenting its existence caused its demise. 

So – what's the lesson? First, to look at the things that rub you, annoy you, bother you, and see if maybe there's something beautiful there, too. Secondly, to be careful with your intentions and desires. And third, to appreciate the now. What you have before it's gone.