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The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

mountain-heartbeat-men-s-premium-t-shirtA lot of people are asking me how I'm doing today after the heart "shocking" procedure I had yesterday. 

The simple answer is "so far so good." My heart is beating at a normal, even rhythm, which is wonderful. But it's also very sore and tired. 

As the "expert" on things happening for a reason, I can't help but explore the "why" I'm going through this. And I think I have two responses (at least for now).  

The first is to ponder = why the "heartbreak?" I do believe that figurative phrases often have a literal parallel. 

Before I tackle that one, here's the second explanation. One of the nurses yesterday told me that the good news is that this is happening now. That the altitude is a blessing. Yes, it exacerbated the problem, but the escalation allows them to diagnose and fix a problem that could have had much worse repercussions if it had been a slower "build." 

Hmmm… The proverbial blessing in disguise? A silver lining? I'll take that.

Which makes the first "reason" more interesting. Maybe it's not the broken heart that's happening now, but instead the healing of the broken heart from the past. 

I like the sound of that. Or, I should say the "rhythm."  laugh

The truth is, only time will tell. I'll keep you "posted."  


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