365 Days in Aspen

No Makeup

no-makeupThis is the time of year when Aspen strips down its colors. The trees colors have changed from verdant green to vibrant yellows and reds to drier colors of brown. But still beautiful. In fact, in some ways more. Like a woman's face washed clean from make-up, you see the basic beauty, the bone structure, the blank canvas. 

While on the subject of makeup, one of the other things I love about it here is the way women have no pressure or expectation to wear it. Which was, honestly, a surprise. I also expected to see more "dressing up." More displays of wealth or status or enhanced appearance. Gratefully, that's far from the case. I went to the Aspen Film Festival last week expecting to see people decked out, but it was as casual as can be. Although I might not be able to distinguish a pair of $20 jeans from $2000 jeans, I'm soooo happy it wouldn't matter!

That being said, I fully expect some "competition" when ski season is in full swing. Not for makeup, but for the "best" technology in clothing or equipment. "My coat keeps me warmer" or "my gloves keep my fingers toasty" will come up for sure. "My sunglasses make it easier to see the shades in the sun" or "my skis/boots are so much easier to maneuver." Will see… 

On a slightly side note, I heard today that Demi Lovato posts selfies without makeup once a week. Good for her! Love it!