365 Days in Aspen

On The Road Again

santa-fe-rulesI'm taking my first road trip since moving here (not counting a few trips to Glenwood Springs or Basalt). 

As the image suggests, I'm going to Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Places I've never been before. But I've certainly heard – and read – a lot about it. I've read several of the Stuart Woods books, many of which are set in Santa Fe. 

As a voracious reader, I often feel like I've been someplace I've read about. I even sometimes do online searches for places the author mentions. And I'm not the only one. I've heard about the tours in different cities based on novels (if not television shows).  

As an author myself, I love imagining places as I write. Especially worlds like The Old West and the Ottoman Empire. While I could not have been there (at least in this lifetime), I do try to do some research to add authenticity.  

But there's nothing like travel – real travel – to spur the writer's imagination. 

More later!



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