365 Days in Aspen

Trip Review Part 2

2016-10-05-11-54-32This photo was taken at  The Great Sand Dunes National Park. 

From a distance it looks like a lighter, lower mountain range in the distance. But up close it's mind-blowing. 132.8 square miles of sand. 

This is me in the distance. (Great picture, right? wink

The history of the dunes is fascinating.  Check out the Wikipedia page.  This apparently fragile environment, created 440,000 years ago, is actually growing/increasing every year.  

We didn't spend much time there, but it's definitely worth going back to visit again, especially to see how far I can walk and walk and walk through the 40-50 foot and higher dunes that go on for quite a distance. 

2016-10-05-21-54-13Another fun aspect of Southern Central Colorado is the signs for UFOs all over the place. Here's an example. 

And, finally, once in Santa Fe we went to a lot of shops and galleries. My favorite were the kinetic sculptures.