365 Days in Aspen

Back in the Saddle Again

btl-independence-pass2homeI've been off for a few days – traveling to Taos and Santa Fe, with a few stops along the way. In this post, I'll talk about how happy I am to be back in Aspen. 

snow-view-10-7It snowed while I was gone. Here's the view from my place. Snow in the fall. Beautiful, isn't it? 

It's extraordinary to call a place I've only lived for a little over 100 days "home." But it feels that way.  

I've always known I'm more of a "looking forward" person vs. someone who looks back. When I invented the DrawSuccess game and became an expert in personality types, I finally "got" myself. How I see the world.

According to research, roughly 15% of people think like I do. The rest either live "in the moment" or are more focused on history and the past. My "type" is 

So while I was traveling, I was enjoying the experience. Yet I was also looking forward to coming back. To coming home. 

I'm glad I got to see Taos and Santa Fe.  Both beautiful places. Just not a place I would enjoy as much as Aspen.