365 Days in Aspen

Wake Up!

snow-10-19cwake-up-2The times they are a changin'.  (I might steal that for a future post when the clocks change in a few weeks.)  For today, I'm reflecting on the shorter days – and the surprise I had when went downstairs (after waking up in the dark), opened the blinds and WOW!  I had no idea! There was no forecast for snow! (I guess I need to re-read yesterday's post about being flexible, since the unpredictable weather here absolutely requires it). 

Wake upI love how the term "wake up" has multiple connotations beyond the literal meaning. It's a message to get up off your a** and get something done. To open your mind to see things differently. To prepare for the unexpected. Like snow when there's zero chance or precipitation in the forecast. 

So today I'm going to open my eyes and look for the messages that might be lingering under the surface. 

Some "wake up" songs:

Song by the Vamps…

Fetty Wap

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