365 Days in Aspen


enlightened-community-quotePeople who move to small towns often say they like the sense of community they find there. The "neighbors helping neighbors" vibe. 

community-1Me? I'd always preferred cities. More opportunities to learn and expand your mind. More diversity. Less provincial. 

But what if you could have the best of both worlds? The mind-expansion and creative thinking of a city combined with the unity that comes with a smaller town. Oh, and enough shifting of the population to keep it free from stagnation? 

A community. 

As a writer, "they don't let me out much." I get too distracted to try to write in a public place, so I stay at home alone a lot. It limits the number of people I meet in a day. (If I worked in a bakery, as someone suggested, I'd meet people all day long.)  So yesterday was special. I worked for about 10 hours and went out twice. Once to do a long walk and then to an evening event. 

tribe2During the walk I ran into two people I know. One from my Aspen Screenwriters and Playwrights group and one from a party I attended. Such a small but significant joy! It's not that I don't sometimes see people I know here and there, but now, with the off season in full swing, the numbers are fewer. It's like being in a Facebook group with thousands of members versus one with a smaller, more intimate group. 

I expected to see one or two people I knew at the event – a bookstore hosting a writer's event, where writers were reading some of their work. I didn't expect to meet new friends. 

Let's get together and feel alright…heart