365 Days in Aspen

Dissing Dissatisfaction

satisfaction-2In this "attitude of gratitude" society, there's so much pressure to look on the bright side, find things to be happy about, to celebrate even the smallest success. 

These same "philosophers" also proclaim that unhappiness is "all in your head" and that you need to find your joy. Basically, they're "dissing" dissatisfaction.

So here I go with a controversial statement. One I suspect these people will be "dissatisfied" with. 

Dissatisfaction is under-rated. 

Complacency is the enemy. 

As a true logophile (lover of words), I discovered something interesting when I compared the synonyms of the word "Satisfaction" with the antonyms of "Dissatisfaction." (See below). You'd think they would be the same list of words, wouldn't you? 

But they're not. And hence, as Shakespeare would say, lies the rub. 

Let's look at the first synonym to Satisfaction: Achievement. Huh? How can achievement be the same as satisfaction? Isn't one the result of the other? Achievement is a result of a drive, of effort, of stetting a goal and having the determination to complete it. 

Of dis-satisfaction. After all, if you were 100% at ease, in repletion, contentment and serene you wouldn't have the motivation to achieve. 















True innovation requires a certain level of dissatisfaction with how things are. That's what motivates us to try new things, to explore options. 

And for me to "tackle the monster" yesterday. The mountain I had climbed the day before I went to the hospital. The one that put too much pressure on my heart to continue. The one that I've been prohibited from attempting in all these weeks since. I didn't push myself too hard, and I didn't go all the way to the top. 

But ahhh… the Satisfaction!