365 Days in Aspen

Gray Skies

happiness-grayIt's interesting when the weather fits your mood. When the heaviness of the clouds mimick the heaviness in your heart and the skies seem to be weeping for you. 

Living in paradise makes you less equipped to handle the dark days. But they come anyway. And they're (usually) necessary. Important, even. 

One of the biggest challenges I have in my life is handling disappointment. I get excited about a project, about it's potential (usually it's ability to really make a difference in people's lives) and then poof! it's gone. Over. Finito. 

Back to the drawing board. Pick up your bootstraps. Gray skies are gonna clear up. All that crap. 

My mother's mantra was "Don't get your hopes up." Hidden within that message was an expectation of failure. Of lowering expectations to a manageable level, perhaps. Or probably more like a not-so-subtle message not to try at all.  

It's safer not to try. Not to take a risk. So go the easy route. 

On this gray, rainy day, I'll have to ponder that message. As I say in my Reasons Why book: "Face it, Feel it, Free it."