365 Days in Aspen


experiencesWhen you read this, what was your first reaction? What feelings did it generate? Were you curious? Anxious? Something more visceral, perhaps?

It comes as no surprise that the world is about to change in a profound (and likely profoundly disturbing) way. What does that mean? And how might it relate to my experience here in Aspen? 

It means that we will face new experiences. Some confusing, some shocking and some frightening, maybe even horrifying. 

If you look at this quote (from my DUET stories novels), you'll see one of my philosophies about life. It's a quote designed as a counter-point to the expression, "Whoever dies with the most toys wins."  (That would be someone else entirely. We all know who).  

This quote indicates that the reason we're here on this planet – especially at this time – is to explore new experiences. And the purpose of that is to learn. 

The following verses from my children's book, "Sometimes I Wonder," can help explain:

We decide on our lessons
The paths we will take
Awards we might go for
And mistakes we might make

For life isn’t easy
And not always fun
But easy is boring
Like games always won

So we set up our challenges
And mountains so high
To test our endurance
And reach for the sky

It doesn't much matter
If we get to the top
What matters much more is
What we do when we stop