365 Days in Aspen


castanedaA lot of us are asking what we should do with the evil we're confronting. Do we cross our fingers and hope he'll change? (Highly unlikely). Do we pray? Look for "common ground?" Fight back? Hide? Build a bomb shelter? Prepare for "the end?" 

Each person will have to choose for themselves. As I said in my 3-part plan, we each need to use our strengths, talents and skills in whatever way we think makes a difference. Sometimes that's using force, sometimes it's using your voice, and sometimes it's finding a more subtle way to wake people up in time. 

I love this Carlos Castaneda quote so much it's in my Reasons Why book. 

As we look at so many people in power having no heart, all we can do is find our own center, our own path.  

Mine is in Aspen.


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