365 Days in Aspen


friend-dollar-selective-pennie-quarterOne thing great about starting with a "clean slate" is the chance to start over and decide what kinds of friends you want. 

It's not that you don't have friends you want to keep from your previous life, because of course you do. But you do have a chance to cull out those "convenience friends," the people who you associated with but really didn't have anything in common with. 

For me, coming here to Aspen is a lot like someone from another planet going home after visiting an alien world. You finally find people who speak your language. There's no need for translation. 

I honestly had no idea this would be the case when I came here. I just knew it fit some of the criteria I was looking for: a beautiful place where people lived a healthy life out in nature and a cooler climate where I could sleep more soundly under warm covers. 

So it was most definitely serendipity (a happy accident) to find so many "quarters" to treasure. And we need to surround ourselves with like-minded people now more than ever.