365 Days in Aspen


streaming-1streaming-2Yesterday was a day of streaming. Double entendre intended.  Part of the day working diligently on a new book and the other part looking at mountains and streams.  

It was also a day of giving thanks.  We'd gotten another snowfall in Aspen, something we desperately need to feed the cravings of the tourists, many of whom spent a small fortune to come here for the holiday weekend. (Not to mention the locals excited to get out and hit the slopes). So the snow was reason to celebrate, even if it wasn't enough to blanket the mountain enough to open the runs. 

What I didn't expect was that it was not only possible to go hiking up a mountain in the snow, it was exhilaratingly pleasant. And I wasn't the only one.  The video below was taken from the top of Smuggler's mountain.  In it you can see Ajax (Aspen Mountain), Aspen Highlands ski mountain/resort and Tiehack/Buttermilk. 

It's breathtaking enough to see a mountain covered in snow, but to see the ski runs light up with the bright white lines?  Awesome. Rad. Groovy. Perfectomundo.