365 Days in Aspen

Giving Thanks

thanksgiving2thanksToday is the day to give thanks. 

Since most days this blog is, in one way or another, a celebration of gratitude for my new home, it's a bit redundant. Yet still important.

I'm reminded of my mantra/prayer I had when I first came here: "Lord let me not become complacent about the beauty of this place."  Yesterday I met a lovely couple as I hiked down the mountain, and I relayed this verse. They had both been here a long time: one for over 40 years and one for nearly 20. They assured me – there is no risk in that. They marvel every single day at the blessing of living here. 

The funny thing about gratitude is also surprising. You'd think that if you have a magnificent mountain to look at from your bedroom window, or the soothing yet powerful sound and force of the Roaring Fork river behind you, that you'd miss the little things, too. Actually, it's quite the opposite. I find myself appreciating the drain-strainer I bought. The new shower curtain. The push on and off light to guide me up and down stairs. And the fact that my heart is beating regularly and allowing me to climb mountains (and hopefully go skiing on the new snow that fell last night). The little things – and the big ones. They are all blessings. 

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