365 Days in Aspen

Another One Rides the Bus

velocirftaYesterday I decided to ride the bus to Glenwood Springs, about an hour away. The roads in town were thick with ice and I didn't want to risk it. I haven't gotten snow tires because, well, "why?" Why spend the money when there's affordable public transportation? 

Okay, as I learned the other night from a friend who drives a bus in Aspen, they go off the road, too. And often. So you still have to be careful. 

Anyway, checking out the mass transportation is a great way to evaluate a city. Some are clean and safe 24/7 (like here).  Some are safe only during the day. And others, well… (I'm going to Atlanta in 10 days and trying to decide if it's safe to take the MARTA train from the airport at 6:35 p.m. I'll keep you posted on that. 

As you can imagine, the busses here are very nice. The drivers are courteous and helpful and of course the scenery is divine. Yes, I had to walk to and from the bus stops, which were close but not necessarily easy, considering the treacherous navigation of ice and snow, especially carrying bags of stuff I'd gotten, but I made it. And next time will be easier because of these cool inventions I learned about that you put on your shoes. (More on that later). 

Will I take the bus again? You betcha. I'm not keen on driving in the ice and snow.  Another one rides the bus…