365 Days in Aspen

Dear God

dear-godThere are some really scary things happening in the world today. Greed seems to be eclipsing common sense. Injustice seems to be weighting the scale against truth. Intellectual and emotional blindness are expressing a louder voice than logic and knowledge. 

How does one person living alone deal with this?  How can you make a difference?  

Some say to just stay in love, to project love. To stay centered and grounded while the whole world is in chaos around you. 

Other say go out and fight. Ready your weapons. Defend what's yours, maybe even to the point of going after your attackers first. 

Perhaps there are other options. It could be uniting with other like-minded people and coming up with ideas. It could be a creative pursuit, something to make people think or feel. It could be writing a blog, whether anyone reads it or not. Or it could be something else.  As long as it's something