365 Days in Aspen

I Want Muscles!

skisYesterday I skied on my new skis (which look like those in this picture). Today I'm SO SORE! 

So what did I do? I went skiing again. As much as I could take, that is. 

It's instinct to say that I'm "out of shape," and that may be partially true. But we are ALL "out of shape" when we try a new activity where muscles we haven't used before (or in a long time).  So my conclusion is: I want muscles! All I'll need to do is get these muscles used to the new activity. 

One thing that's been a bit surprising to me is that there are a lot of "older" people here. Older than I am, that is, which is no spring chicken. Yet they hike and ski with the best of them. They can do it because their bodies are conditioned; their muscles are developed  to handle the activity and their blood is used to the lesser oxygen. They might not push their bodies beyond their limits or take the risks of kids one or two generations younger, but they can certainly get out there and move effortlessly (as well as gracefully) down the mountain. 

So the key is to go out there as often as I can and allow my body to adjust and strengthen. 

I'll get there. 




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