365 Days in Aspen

Happy 365 Days To Come

new-years-dayNew Years Day.  The day of new beginnings. A chance to start over. A blank page. 

new-years-day-2As someone who is constantly aware, re-thinking my life and practices just about every day, I'm not inclined to set "resolutions." But I do love the idea of a fresh start. 

Given my experiences of the past year, if there's anything I'll be extra-aware of this new year is to be prepared for anything. And to try to maintain a "sense of adventure" as it unfolds. 

When I wrote the "Very Special Epilogue" to Volume III of my DUET stories novels, I was inspired to write the following quote:

“Fear doesn’t come from lack of love; it comes from lack of trust.  The solution is to trust yourself, to trust each other and to trust your connection with the Source of all Love and Light. To trust God." 

If I have any resolution – or revolution – it would be this.

In the meantime – here's wishing you a new year filled with love and trust.